Diane F. Smith

It Does Not Matter Where You Start, It Matters Where You Finish



dianeDiane was born, raised, and educated in Ohio and received a MA Degree in Urban Planning. As a Professional Manager, she managed field activity for over 1,200 personnel in 125 offices for a government agency. With her personal staff, she had a proven record of accepting problem employees and turning them into productive staff by giving them opportunities to start over and treating them with respect. Her organization was known as the “GO TO” office for new organizational ideas and “out of the box” management tools. Diane travelled extensively to assess field performance and to deliver speeches for which she received numerous awards in recognition of her exemplary performance. Concomitantly, she owned and operated 3 antique stores.

After leaving government, Diane was asked by several persons for assistance in helping them to set up businesses. Her business consultancy was born and she guided clients in areas of business organization, marketing, product development, and strategic planning.

In 2014, Diane attended a workshop led by TD Jakes. He spoke about his new book Instinct and especially the last chapter entitled “All That Is within You” which states in part, “Recognize the adequacy of what is within you to survive and succeed amid all you face. You do have what it takes to master the outward challenges as you release your inner resources. But if you’re going to accomplish this awakening of instinct within you, it’s time to act. You must connect ideas to ideals and excitement to action.” Reading these words, caused everything to fall into place. People had been telling her forever she had so much to share with the world and the world wanted to hear from her. Diane knew in that instant she had to write a book(s).

Shortly thereafter, Diane was invited by George Fraser, CEO of FraserNet, to be a co-author in his book.  The book Mission Unstoppable is a #1 best seller.  It is an extraordinary book of true inspirational stories of triumph over failures that was published in late November 2014.


Publication of Mission Unstoppable

APRIL 19, 2015
Book Event
Forestville, MD

Book Event
Lanham, MD

October 29-31, 2015
Unlocking Secrets of Communication with Linda Clemons
Indianapolis, IN


JANUARY 24, 2015
Book Event
Upper Marlboro, MD.

MAY 9, 2015
Book Event with White House Correspondent, April Ryan, Prince Georges Mall
Prince Georges County, MD

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
Women Empowered (WE3) Conference
Upper Marlboro, MD

DECEMBER 12, 2015
Book Event
Lanham, MD


FEBRUARY 28, 2015
Book Event
Kappa House Washington, DC

JUNE 13, 2015
Book Discussion
Class Act DC Radio Show, Washington, DC

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
Book Discussion
Class Act DC Radio Show, Washington, DC

March 25, 2015
Book Event
Forestville, MD

JUNE 23 – JUNE 27, 2015
Power Network Conference
Dallas, TX

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015
Book Event with George Fraser
Akron, OH



Mission Unstoppable  – #1 Best Seller

Each and every one of us has a mission we were born to fulfill. In their game-changing new book, Mission Unstoppable, renowned visionaries Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser share inspirational stories and wisdom from more than two dozen successful business leaders who answered their calling and stayed the course.

Along with their co-authors, Brown and Fraser reveal how to:

  • Find your true path, even if you’re afraid to walk it.
  • Take a chance, even if the odds are stacked against you.
  • Raise your voice, even if the naysayers are loud and numerous.
  • Fight for your vision, even if you stand alone.
  • Succeed, even if you’ve failed more times than you can count.

If you have a dream, a mission, or a goal that at times seems impossible to realize, Mission Unstoppable is the book that will help you achieve it. The world is waiting. The time is now.

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